CFX SR 528 Innovation Way

CFX SR 528 Innovation Way (528-313)

This $60 million Design Build project included the removal of the existing ramps and toll plaza at SR 528 and International Corporate Park Boulevard and the construction of a new interchange at SR 528 and Innovation Way; construction of Innovation Way from north of SR 528 extending south to the existing intersection of International Corporate Park Boulevard/Aerospace Parkway; four new bridges including Innovation Way over SR 528, Innovation Way over All Aboard Florida rail corridor, Ramp B over All Aboard Florida rail corridor and Ramp C over All Aboard Florida rail corridor. It also included storm drainage, signing, cantilever sign structures, pavement markings, lighting, signalization, two ramp toll plazas, guardrail, retaining walls; maintenance of traffic.

_A_SR528 & Innovation Way Interchange 4-

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